Brush Fences & Why They Should be Banned

Most horse fans out there will know about the ongoing problem of brush fences. Brush fences have a hard base with a brush placed on top. The horse are meant to jump through the jump, not over it. Brush fences are used in steeplechase racing, and some of you may know that the number of deaths from brush fences is absolutely ridiculous. In Victoria, Australia, they suspended steeplechase. One trainer said that if they banned it, he would cut off the heads of his horses and send them to the politicians who banned it.

As you’ve probably gathered, steeplechase is a terrible idea. We need to make a stand to stop steeplechase. I think, when the Melbourne Cup comes around, I’m going to try and get something in the newspaper about this. Steeplechase racing kills horses and jockeys, or at least seriously injure them. Jockeys have died, and so have horses. Three deaths occurred in TWO DAYS at one place. How ridiculous is that? WE need to stop this.


Here’s a link to a really good article about steeplechase:


If you don’t believe what I’m saying, take a look at these photos. Some horse fans might find these a bit disturbing, so I suggest to some of you to not look at them.



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