This page is dedicated to the pony I ride in lessons, Cookie ((I ride at a different place now, not where Zeb is) front page). I’m not quite sure how old or tall Cookie is, but she’s a bit of grumpy horse. Cookie walks quite slowly in the arena, but when we go on trail rides she gets really excited and wants to trot all the time, just like me! Cookie is white with black spots, and she’s really pretty! I’m not the most experienced rider in the ring, but Cookie puts up with me…thankfully.

This is a photo of Cookie that another Tandivale girl took. From the middle of her back and up towards her head and neck, the black spots have a grey ring around them, but from the middle of her back down around her rump, the spots are sharper, without the grey rings. I know I said that Cookie is white, but properly speaking, she’s grey (see page “Did You Know?” –

I made a virtual pet on bunnyhero labs. I’m sorry, but on bunnyhero labs, you can only make a solid colour, so the virtual pet of Cookie doesn’t have spots.

When our teacher told us to give our ponies a pat, I lay down on Cookie’s neck, with my arms around her in bug hug. I know I’m not the only person who rides Cookie, and I know she doesn’t belong to me, but I love her so much. I’ve annoyed my friends a million times since my last lesson, saying ‘I want to see Coooookie!’ I love having horse riding lessons, and I hope to live on a farm with horses when I grow up!

I miss you Cookie!

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