Did You Know?

Did You Know? 1: Did you know that white and grey horses are born black?

Explanation: Grey and white horses are born black! Some of them stay black, but most black foals get lighter as they grow up. They turn from black to grey, and from grey to white. So remember, if you have a black horse, you’re very lucky!

Did You Know? 2: Did you know racing jockeys lean forward in a crouching position in the saddle because of weight reasons?

Explanation: Jockeys lean forward in that crouching position so they don’t slow the horse down by putting too much weight on its back.

Did You Know? 3: Did you know, that there is a difference between white and grey horses skin colours?

Explanation: Thanks to ‘charlie’ who commented on my blog, I now know that grey horses have black skin, and white horses have pink skin. Even though white horses are also called grey, we all know that there’s a difference between white and grey. So if you get a white/grey horse, be sure to check its skin colour so you can specify if its actually white or actually grey.

Did You Know? 4: Did you know that lots of horses die from brush jumps?

Explanation: In jump races, there are these jumps called brush jumps. They’re like a bush, and lots of horses trip on them. If a horse trips over on, they fall and roll over. The horse’s legs get tangled up and usually they break something. Usually with a horse, if they break a particular bone, they have to be put down. This is why I really don’t like brush jumps.




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