Horse Colours

Bay: A reddish-brownish colour, a bit like chestnut, but sometimes a very dark brown, almost black. Bay horses have black in the following spots – mane, tail, lower legs, ear tips.

Chestnut: A light reddish – brown colour with a mane and tail of about the same colour or lighter.

Palomino: A golden colour and an ivory-ish or white-blode coloured mane and tale.

Piebald: Black and white patches on the coat, mane and tail.

Dun: A little golden-ish, light brown, off white, or whatever you like with a black mane and tail.

Strawberry Roan: A reddy-brown colour with white speckles.

Skewbald: Brown and white patches on the coat, mane and tail.

Black: Black.

White/Grey: White/Grey (white horses are also called grey)

Blue Roan: A black head/face and a few or no red hairs in the coat. Speckles of course, for this is a roan horse.

Bay Roan: Bay face/head. People sometimes call them blur roans, but that’s wrong, so if you’re reading my blog, then it is going to be called bay roan. They are a reddish bayish colour.

Brown Roan: Strawberry Roan or Red Roan.





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  1. Hi ”charlie”

    Do you know how to tell the difference between white + grey? because white horses have pink skin and grey have black. from charlie.

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