Horse Words

Bomb-Proof: A horse that doesn’t spook.

Behind the Bit: When a horse puts its head down to avoid contact with the bit.

Buck: When a horse kicks its rear legs back.

Mare: A female horse.

Stallion: A male horse.

Canter: The gait that horses are usually in when they’re jumping normal big jumps.

Trot: The gait that horses are usually in when they’re doing Dressage or going over Cavaleties (or jogging if you like).

Walk: Walking.

Gallop: The gait that horses are in when they race, and if you jump you could hurt the horse badly.

Gait: The speed or name of a particular speed e.g. trot, canter etc.

Saddle: The piece of leather that you put on a horse’s back.

Bridle: The full set of the headset e.g. the headstall, bit, chin strap, and reins.

Saddle Mat: The piece of cloth that goes under the saddle so that the saddle doesn’t rub on the horse.

Tack: The saddle, saddle mat, reins. neck strap etc.

Neck Strap: A string that goes around the neck of a horse, that you can use for balance.

Gymkhana: A rodeo event including pole bending and barrel racing.

Hand: The common way of measuring a horses height.

Colt: A young male horse, under 4 years old.

Filly: A young female horse, under four years old.

Foal: A baby horse (or pony).

Pony: A small horse, under 14.2 hh (hands high).

Sire: The father of a horse.

Dam: The mother of a horse.

Broodmare: A female horse that is strictly for breeding.

Dapples: Round markings on horse’s coat.

Gut Sounds: The noises that a horse’s tummy makes.

Headcollar: The British way of sayng halter.

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